Day Trading Tips for Beginners

💎 Alex Dabek

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Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Day Trading! Inside are countless videos and resources to help you start your journey with trading. DAY TRADING BASICS:Tips for sticking to one niche such as futures, options, forex or stocks. How to establish risk/reward ratios, dealing with emotions, limit orders, how to spread your risk and more!ENTRY STRATEGIES:Candlestick charts, ECN, real time news and other strategies such as scalping, fading, momentum and more.RULES FOR DAY TRADERS:Tips for cutting losses quickly, how long to hold positions, mental aspects along with more tips.HOW TO MAKE QUICK WINS:Learn how to use the trading gap, the 'personality' of your market, tips for a simple strategy and controlling your ego.TECHNICAL INDICATORS:Best practices, types of indicators guide and how to implement.HOW TO PICK STOCKS:Rules for picking stocks, the idea of higher priced stocks, narrow spreads, correlations and more.OFFERS AND MORE:Resources and links to popular courses, books, YouTube videos, Trading platforms and much more.Whether you've thought about day trading or have already begun, there is something you can learn in this app. Download for Free and see which strategies you can add to your game plan!