Better: Lifestyle Therapy

Better Therapeutics, LLC



Better is a lifestyle therapy powerful enough to guide your path to recovery from diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Guided by a care team and certified health coaches, members follow an intensive diet and lifestyle program that can result in reduced need for medications and restored health. Key features:- A personalized, multi-month lifestyle program for chronic disease recovery- Bi-weekly calls with a caring and compassionate health coach - 24/7 access to training and resources that enable you to make nutrition and lifestyle choices as part of your recovery plan- Submit blood glucose/BP/cholesterol data through the app so you can your care team can track your health over time- A private, active community of peers- Integration with Apple HealthKit- Clinically tested and designed with guidance from experts on nutrition science, lifestyle medicine, behavior change, and the culinary artsDo you have access to Better through your employer or health plan? If so, you and your spouse/partner can download the Better app and start today.Real stories from our members:“I have officially had my Metformin cut down by ⅓ and my blood pressure medication cut in half. I feel better and am not as tired and run down.” - CA“Mentally I am so much stronger than I think I am. I could take this experience and apply it to other areas of my life. It’s been hard, there’s been some failure, but it is doable. I want a long healthy life. I want to be an example to myself and others.” -NY“In a short time (12 weeks) I was able to reverse my A1C reading and lower my blood pressure, when medications that I have been taking for almost 2 and 10 years respectively did not accomplish.” - TX“This program is so unique - no one has 1:1 time with another person, definitely not with a doctor. I have to say that it is nice to focus on me for a few minutes with another person.” - OH