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V-Play & QML Live Scripting is a viewer app to try out V-Play Engine and Qt, without installing the V-Play SDK.Write your QML scripts at https://v-play.net/web-editor-android/in your browser and view the result immediately in this app, no re-build required The app with your script code is reloaded on-the-fly when you make a change in the browser.This feature is completely free to use, no registration required.To download the free V-Play SDK and start building native mobile apps, go to http://v-play.net/V-Play is based on the Qt framework. Qt is a powerful cross-platform toolkit based on C++ which enables powerful animations with Qt Quick and native performance on all major mobile platforms.V-Play extends the Qt 5 framework with components that you can test with this app. These are for example:
- Components that allow native user experience on all major mobile platforms with a single code base. E.g. on iOS you will experience swipe back gesture support, while on Android a navigation drawer is used – this is supported automatically without any change of code.
- Full range of native widgets optimized for a native platform behavior like tabs, dialogs and list views.The V-Play SDK allows native user experience with a single code base and fluid animations.You can download it together with the full source code of this app for free athttp://v-play.net/