Is Age a Factor in Getting Pregnant

Is Age a Factor in Getting Pregnant?

When it comes to getting pregnant there are a lot of women that may try for years and not get pregnant until they are older. Many women rejoice over this, but there is definitely a risk associated with aging. The following highlights the various factors that play a part in a pregnancy as women get older.

Frequency of Periods

Periods become irregular as women age. Some women experiences months where they have not had a period. The menstrual cycle becomes more unpredictable in the latter years of life and this contributes to fewer chances to conceive. Women that experience things like this may have to consult a physician to see what is happening with their body. A lot of aging women that get pregnant have to be monitored much closer by their physicians.

Fewer Eggs Are Released

As a woman ages a strange thing happens to the body. Fewer eggs are released for contact with sperm as women age. Oddly, the fertility chances decrease because of this, but the chances of having twins after 40 will increase.

Women that are getting older when often have other issues with fallopian tubes as well. The quality of the eggs also diminishes as women get older. These are primary reasons that there is so much trouble with conception in the later years. Age plays a great factor because this is something that women have no control over. It doesn’t matter how much they eat right and maintain their health. As a woman gets older she is bound to have some issues with getting pregnant.

More Risks For Birth Defects

There are more risks of birth defects with the pregnancy of an older woman. This is something that actually scares a lot of women and stops them from considering a pregnancy as they get older.

The chances of having birth defects after 40 are so great. There is also a greater chance of having a miscarriage. These are things that most women will want to avoid as they get older because it takes more of a toll on their body.

The Aging Body and the Diminishing Sex Drive

An older woman is probably going to have more morning sickness when they conceive as they get older. The body isn’t in the same shape and the ability to handle the pregnancy with the same endurance isn’t always possible.

As women get older there will be a decrease in the sex drive. The fact that these females are having sex less will decrease their chances of getting pregnant. This is the case for most women that may have health issues as they begin to age. Lots of women that experience things like cervical cancer will be unable to conceive any more children. As women get older the risk of things like fibroid tumors will also come into play and bring more health issues.

Relationships with Opposite Sex 

As many women age, they begin to have failing relationships with the opposite sex. Some women that may have married in their early adult years may be getting divorced as they get older. This leaves these women with the dilemma of starting new relationships all over again.

Even many women that decide not to get married may still encounter issues with relationships of the opposite as they age. The inability to commit to another relationship as women age will also decrease the chances of conceiving.

Near Menopause

The reality is that some women will go through menopause earlier than others. It is true that most women go through menopause when they are between the ages of 47-51, but the age range is much wider than this. The common age is after 47, but there are some women that experience menopause as early as 41 or 42. In this light, the age of a person can definitely play a big factor in getting pregnant.

A Closer Connection with Physicians 

Many things that may not have been relevant in their early years may be a much bigger factor as they get older. Some women may actually have the need to get assistance in their pregnancy with various fertilization methods.