Walk-in Bathtub

Should You Get a Walk-In Bathtub?

Walk-in bathtubs are slowly taking over the traditional bathtubs, with many households preferring them for their bathrooms. There are different designs of manufactured bathtubs across the market. The distinctions are the threshold and seat heights, the door-style and other minor internal components.

They also vary in price and sizes. Before buying any walk-in bathtub, there are features that you must consider in order to make the best selection. Manufacturers have made huge strides to produce walk-in bathtubs according to customer needs and requirements. It is, therefore, necessary to consider such factors as physical, safety and luxury features of the bathtub you are about to buy. Usually, these walk-in bathtubs further beautify your homescapes!

Factors to consider when selecting the bathtubs:

# First, it is important that you consider the cost of the bathtub, whether it is affordable or not. You must be willing and able to buy the given bathtub.# Seek clarifications about the futures of the bathtub and how to use it.

# Ensure you acquire knowledge concerning every component of the walk-in bathtub, so as not to have difficulties operating it. Ask any question and be sure you get the correct feedback. Manufacturers provide guidelines on how to use the bathtubs, which are also explained at the point of sale.

# Be sure to make the best choice so that you will experience no complains later. Choose a walk-in bathtub that you are comfortable in, no difficulty walking in, sitting and getting up.

# A lower threshold is better, giving you easy access into the bathtub. If there is a seat, it should be at chair-height to provide you with the best comfort.

# In other circumstances, the seat level will depend on the type of person, like persons with mobility difficulties have specialized bathtubs. The whole idea is choosing a bathtub that suits your needs.

It is also important to consider the door-style. Some doors open inwardly, others outwardly and others sideways. The kind you choose should satisfy what you need in a walk-in bathtub. Inward-opening doors may be seen as the best since the water pressure inside creates a self-sealing effect. This ensures a water-tight seal, preventing any leaks from the bathtub. However, it is disadvantageous since you cannot access it in emergency situations as the pressure of the water inside holds it tightly closed. Outward opening doors, on the other side, can lead to leaks. This is prevented by the use of special watertight seals. Such doors are also beneficial for people with mobility difficulties, in that they can easily move from a wheelchair to the bathtub as opposed to inward-opening doors. Some bathtub walls can be lowered to allow for entry and exit and then raised again.

The internal size of the bathtub is important. There should be enough space to sit, and space to allow for free swinging of the legs and knees. The neck-rest should be at a comfortable height, to sustain the length of your bath. The ease of installation of the bathtub and water drains is also considered, not forgetting the amount of space it occupies in the bathroom. A standard size bathtub is preferable so that not much space would be required. The tub you choose should have a quick drain, taking not more than five minutes to drain the water. This is important since you cannot leave the bathtub until all the water is drained, except in emergency cases.

Safety of walk-in bathtubs

Safety is also a major consideration when manufacturing or purchasing a walk-in bathtub. You need to feel safe and relaxed in the bathtub you choose. The door must be watertight, but easy to open. In most cases, the floor is textured to provide grip even when the floor is wet. This prevents sliding which might cause serious injuries. The inside wall should also be fixed with metal bars to provide support when entering and leaving. Most interestingly, some walk-in bathtubs provide therapeutic benefits. There are designed with a variety of massage models that provide an excellent bathing experience. These include air spa, combo, whirlpool and soaking massages. This is an added holistic health benefit.

Basically, choosing from a wide range of walk-in bathtubs requires your knowledge of the kind you want, its features, and general benefits that can be gained from a particular one. Take a critical analysis of the features and make the best choice that suits your bathing needs.